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The Original Short Hair Guru


Cherry's  Story

 I have been blessed with a gift. 



 It’s funny how it all started, when I found out that hair care was my passion, I was given the ability to work wonders with various hair types.

In 1985 (my freshman year in High School) 

my clientele consist of half of my high school’s female student body. While attending school I was able to do hair on the side which enabled me to help my single mother support our family.

 At the time, I didn’t know that this

was my calling from GOD. 

 After graduating high school I had no desire to attend a four college or university, however, I had a strong willingness to succeed,

So I decided go to Beauty College. 

  In 1990 I enrolled in

Fort Worth Beauty College where I earned my cosmotology license.  

Since then I've been blessed with a faithful and

committed clientele. 


I continued to further my education in the cosmetology field by attending different classes,seminars, and trade shows annually, 

in order to keep up with the latest trends in

hair styling and techniques. 

Without fear, I opened my first salon:

"Salon Cutt-It-Up" in October 2004.

Cherry's Vision

Again without outside influence, I continued to further my education and experiences  in Cosmetology Marketing  by re-launching

my career in 2011 by creating 

a one stop shop available from coast to coast.


I've maintained a good work ethic and continued going strong and excelling in the beauty industry over the last 28 years.


Outside the BOX

I consult and Mentor with Stylist across the country. Assisting Career Launch and Brand Make-overs focusing on Best Practices and Social Media Strategies.

I have also created Diva House Calls a mobile salon that comes to you in the comfort of your home or on location!


I Book Public & Personal Appearances in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta annually, sometimes in conjunction with Professional Hair Shows or privately on Demand.

I have invested in locations in

Uptown Dallas, Plano, Houston, and I am currently operating my Newest Salon in Arlington, Texas

" IKandy Hair Lounge”.   

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